We went together as a lab to attend the Spring Hippocampal Research Conference in the beautiful city of Taormina. Great line up of talks, great food, beautiful location, and the best Granitas! 

Mai joins us

We welcome Mai to the lab. Mai is postdoc joining us from HHMI Janelia Farm. She is going to be scaling up, going from Fly vision to Mouse vision.

Lab wins NVIDIA GPU grant

The lab has won a TitanX Pascal from NVIDIA through their GPU grant program. We are excited to start spike-sorting and the works on our new machine.

Tomaso joins the saleem lab

Welcome Tomaso to the lab. Tomaso is postdoc joining us from Imperial College London (and a short stint at Francesca Caccucci's lab). And he is totally into video games for mice :)

Tomaso Muzzu

Tomaso Muzzu

Aman presents Keynote at ECCV'16 workshop

I will be presenting the Neuroscience Keynote at the European Conference on Computer Vision 2016 on the 8th of October in Amsterdam. Check out the program at: http://bravenewmotion.github.io/

New revision on bioRxiv

Uploaded a revision of the paper Narrowband gamma oscillation in the visual system on bioRxiv.  The revision includes a whole new set of recordings from the thalamus. Check it out: http://biorxiv.org/content/early/2016/10/04/050245.

Video abstract online!

Published on Aug 29, 2016

Mice are an increasingly popular animal model for understanding vision in health and disease, but we know little about how they naturally use vision to guide behavior. Instinctive avoidance behaviors—freeze and flight—provide natural behaviors, but what visual stimuli cause mice to choose one behavior over another? De Franceschi et al. show that mice are likely to freeze at the sight of small slow-moving shapes and flee from fast approaching ones.